Postdoctoral Researchers








Dr. Bruce Li Yiyang


Hello, I’m Bruce, a postdoctoral research associate was a DPhil student from St Peter’s College. I joined in this group after obtaining my B.Sc. degree in Fudan University (China) in 2017. My research currently involves the synthesis, testing and characterisation of novel solid-state semiconductor materials for both the fundamental and applied aspects of photocatalytic overall water splitting reaction for renewable hydrogen evolution. The main objective is to develop a highly efficient solar energy conversion system to mitigate the energy and environmental issues that human beings are currently facing. Outside the lab, I like gym workout, sport climbing, kickboxing, and lots of music.




Dr. Yanjie Wang


Hi, I'm Yanjie, a postdoctoral research associate in this team. I completed my PhD in National Center for Nanoscience and Technology, China. My current job focuses on CO2 conversion to chemical feedstock and mechanism study experimentally and theoretically. My research aims to achieve CO2 conversion systems with high activity and product selectivity for practical application. In my leisure time, I like traveling and hiking.