Postdoctoral Researchers



Dr. Tugce Ayvali


Hi, I am Tugce Ayvali. I completed my BSc major and minor degrees in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering at Middle East Technical University, Ankara-Turkey in 2009. Then, I received my MSc (2011) in Chemistry from the same university by developing highly active rhodium nanoparticles as catalyst for dehydrogenation of ammonia-borane. Afterwards, I moved to France where I carried out my PhD (2015) work on the synthesis and surface reactivity studies of rhenium based mono- and bimetallic-nanoparticles at CNRS/LCC-University of Paul Sabatier, Toulouse before joining the group of Prof. Edman Tsang at University of Oxford. I am currently working as a Postdoctoral Research Associate in the team. My job duties include designing active and selective heterogeneous catalysts for variety of chemical reactions and investigate the nature of active species using complementary characterization methods. Outside the lab, I like doing many different things such as socializing with my friends, going to the gym, trekking in the nature and travelling to new places.




Dr. Jianwei Zheng


Hi, I am Jianwei, a postdoctoral research associate in the Tsang group. I completed my DPhil work in University of Xiamen on research of heterogeneous catalysis. Now I am working on developing high efficient catalysts in ammonia synthesis and also interested in plastic recycling. Outside the lab, I like music and travelling.




Dr. Pu Zhao


I am Pu, a postdoctoral research associate in the Tsang group. My project focuses on zeotype materials for the catalytic conversion of C2-4 hydrocarbons. The project is funded by SCG Chemicals. Before joining the Tsang group, I worked on CO2 storage in zeotype MOFs during my PhD in the University of Cambridge. Synchrotron and neutron based experimental techniques were intensively employed. Prior to my PhD, I received my undergraduate education in Fudan University (China), during which I was involved in the design of novel MOFs. I also had one-year internship in DSM China R&D Center working on vitamin quantification. As for hobbies, I like reading and singing. I am a former member of Fudan University Choir and Cavendish Chorale (Cambridge).




Dr. Tatchamapan Yoskamtorn


Hi I am Kukkik, a postdoctoral research associate and was a DPhil student from St Edmund Hall in Tsang’s group. I received my master’s degree in chemistry from Kasetsart University, Thailand. My current research is based on monitoring catalysis of metal clusters inside crystalline porous materials by using Synchrotron techniques. I usually spend my spare time on doing yoga, Zumba dancing, travelling and taking a photo.




Dr. Guangchao Li


Hi, I am Guangchao, a postdoctoral research assistant in the Tsang group. I am from Wuhan physics and mathematics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, with Acad. Anmin Zheng. Currently, I am focused on the studies of structure and reaction mechanism of solid acid catalysts like zeolites by means of experimental solid-state NMR, synchrotron X-ray diffraction and theoretical quantum chemical calculations. Outside the lab, I like running and music.




Dr. Hangjuan Ren


I am Hangjuan, a postdoctoral research associate in Prof. Tsang’ group. I completed my PhD study at UNSW Sydney. My research focuses on electrochemical CO2 reduction, aiming to convert the greenhouse gas CO2 to constructive chemical products, such as ethylene and ethanol. Hope this technology will be widely used in the industrial field in the future. Prior to joining Tsang’s group, I worked on electrochemistry, photocatalysis, and photoelectrochemistry. Traveling, bushwalking, and Doraemon are my favourites.