DPhil Students



Jiaying Mo


I’m Jiaying, a fourth year Dphil student from Wolfson College. And you can call me Iris. I am working on cathode catalysts for hydrogen production at atmospheric pressure and low temperature. With this research we are trying to use PEM water electrolysis for hydrogen production in an energy-saving and economical way. In my spare time, I enjoy feeding ducks in the uni park.





William Vickery


Hi, my name is Will, I’m from St. Cross college and I am currently in the 4th year of my DPhil. I have previously worked on green polymer chemistry and homogeneous catalysis at the University of Florida and Cardiff University. My current research with the Tsang group is focused on the heterogeneous catalysis of methanol steam reforming; my initial plan is to try and improve a CuZnGaOx catalyst previously prepared by the Tsang group. In my free time I enjoy: playing various sports, being in the countryside, lots of music, hanging out with friends and dunking biscuits in tea.





Yiyang Li


Hello, I’m Bruce, a final year DPhil from St Peter’s College. I joined in this group after obtaining my B.Sc. degree in Fudan University (China) in 2017. My research currently involves the synthesis, testing and characterisation of novel solid-state semiconductor materials for both the fundamental and applied aspects of photocatalytic overall water splitting reaction for renewable hydrogen evolution. The main objective is to develop a highly efficient solar energy conversion system to mitigate the energy and environmental issues that human beings are currently facing. Outside the lab, I like gym workout, sport climbing, kickboxing, and lots of music.





Christopher Foo


I’m Chris, a fourth year DPhil student at Linacre College. I am working on inorganic layered materials and MOFs for use as high capacity electrode materials in lithium and sodium ion batteries, as well as for catalysis. I carry out synthetic work at the University of Oxford, then XRD and XAS analysis at the Diamond Light Source who partly-fund my work. Outside of the lab I mostly enjoy playing all kinds of sports, listening to and playing all kinds of music, and supporting Southampton football club.





Baron Ho


I’m Baron Ho, a fourth year DPhil student co-supervised by Prof Edman Tsang and Prof Peter Nellist FRS, University College Oxford. My research focuses on the development and application of simultaneous coherent and incoherent STEM imaging for radiation-sensitive materials. Investigate the strategic placement of defined metal catalytic active sites quantitatively, and to relate performance to the size and shape selectivity of zeolite pores, and the synergy between different chemical reactions.





Yifei Wang


I’m Yifei, a Third year DPhil student from New College. I’m working on electrochemical CO2 reduction targeting at high-carbon products. Outside of the lab, I enjoy listening to classical music and playing the piano.





Leo Leung


I’m Leo, a third-year DPhil student from St Cross College. I received my bachelor’s and master’s degree at the University of Hong Kong and University College London respectively. I am now working on porous materials in catalysis, including zeolites, carbons, MOFs and COFs. My golden triangle is Laboratory – Gym/sports center (Well…not the case in 2020) – Home.





Tommy Sun


I’m Tommy, a third-year DPhil student from Wolfson College. I received my bachelor & master degree at the University of Cambridge. My research is primarily focused on core-shell materials as photo-electrocatalysts in the system of water electrolysis. My interests are too versatile to be specific about what I do in my spare time.





Konstantin Lebedev


Hi, my name is Konstantin, I’m from St. Edmund Hall, and I am currently in the 3rd year of my DPhil. I am working on the analysis of the X-ray spectra and DFT modelling. My current research with the Tsang group focuses on the inorganic layered materials modified with metallic and multimetallic clusters for use in chemical catalysis and energy cells. In my spare time, I enjoy traveling, cooking, and various kinds of sports.





Wentian Niu


Hi, I am Wentian, a second-year DPhil student from Pembroke College. I am working on semiconductor-based heterogeneous photocatalyst materials for water-splitting to utilize solar light and produce hydrogen. In my spare time, I enjoy playing football, jogging and playing violin.





Bryan Ng


I’m Bryan, a second year DPhil from Trinity College. I work on the photocatalytic properties of metal organic framework. Outside of chemistry I enjoy playing piano and listening to orchestral music.





Haokun Wang


I am Haokun, a second year DPhil student from Exeter College. I received my double B.Eng. degrees in Chemical Engineering from Beijing University of Chemical Technology and University of Birmingham. Then, I completed my Msc. Advanced Chemical Engineering course in Imperial College London. My current research is concentrating on catalytic pyrolysis of plastic waste into fuel (like gasoline). I often hang out with my friends and watch movies during my spare time.





Xiang Li


I’m Xiang, a second year DPhil student from Hertford College. My current studies focus on construction of various high-valent transition metal centres and investigation of their structure and catalytic properties towards water oxidation reactions. I enjoy linstening to music and playing Nintendo switch games in my spare time.






Dongpei Ye


Hi, I am Dongpei, a first year Dphil student from Wolfson college. My research interest lies on the catalytic decomposition of ammonia as a promising method for hydrogen storage and transfer. I finished my BSc and MRes at Imperial college London. In my spare time, I also enjoy playing football, traveling and cooking.





Dorottya Szalay


I’m Dóri, a first year DPhil student from Wolfson College. I received my MSci degree in Chemistry from Imperial College London. My current research focuses on electrocatalytic CO2 reduction for the development of next generation renewable fuel technologies. In my spare time, I enjoy baking, sailing, and exploring nearby nature walks.





Haozhe Zhang


I’m Haozhe, a first year DPhil student from St Hilda’s College. I am working on nitrogen containing perovskite nanostructures for water splitting under visible light illumination. Outside of chemistry, I enjoy reading, James Joyce and Butler Yeats are my heroes! I also play DOTA 2 on position 4 and 5.





Renzo Leeflang


Hello, I am Renzo. I am a first year DPhil student from St. Anne’s College. My main interest is CO2 catalysis. My project will centre around higher alcohol synthesis from CO2. It will involve both experimental and computational research using Density Functional Theory. Before arriving at Oxford, I finished my undergrad studies at University College Utrecht (UCU) in the Netherlands, where I majored in Chemistry and Mathematics. In my free time I love to cook and go to salsa classes.




Zhiyang Zhong


My name is Joseph and I am a first year DPhil student at St Catherine’s College. I obtained a MEng Materials Engineering degree from University of Exeter. I am working with Prof Tsang, as well as Prof Kirkland from Materials Department. My research project involves performing synthesis and characterisation, on perovskite samples. Perovskite can be potentially used as a photocatalyst to disintegrate water and obtain hydrogen, as a source of clean energy. My aim is to discover the relationship between the fine structures and catalytic performances of the perovskite samples.