Novel Chemistry Materials and Catalysis


Tsang Group 2023



Welcome to the Tsang group at the University of Oxford. Our research is on both fundamental and applied aspects in Novel Chemistry Materials and Catalysis; Work involves synthesis, testing and characterisation of novel solid state materials for a wide range of applications particularly in the areas of catalysis, sensor and bio-medicine. Uses of well-defined single atoms, layer structures or nanomaterials as building blocks for synthesis of functional materials including development of novel core-shell nanoparticles, 2-D layers of controllable composition, size and morphology as new nanocatalysts; hollow carbon nanotubes as a nano-scale test tube for separation, storage, magnetic and electronic applications; immobilized biomolecules on nanoparticles as new sensors, etc.

In the catalysis area, we work on new catalytic techniques for sustainable energy systems (fuel cells catalysts, photocatalytic solar cells, biomasses to fuel conversion, wind-to-ammonia, hydrogen storage, cleaner catalytic combustion, carbon dioxide activation, capture, storage and subsequent conversion into useful chemicals/materials (reduction in carbon emissions), etc. 

As the Head of the Wolfson Catalysis Laboratory, I am more than happy to provide you further information if required, please contact me using the details here.